Message From Riccardo Greco J4K Canada Founder

I feel honored to be entering my 6th year of running my own Goalkeeping Academy Just4Keepers Canada. At the moment we are working out of 8 satellite centers ,Whitby . Scarborough ,  Aurora , Woodbridge , Mississauga , Oakville and Hamilton. This year has proven to be a big year for us in the Club Goalkeeper Training Department as we have now been entrusted to look after all the keepers at the Whitby Iroquois SC , Pickering SC , Richmond Hill SC , Aurora Youth SC , Kleinburg SC  and the Bradford SC. I  have also created a House League Development and Scouting Program which has been very successful in identifying future goalkeepers in the making.

My coaches are all former professional goalkeepers from around the world that have played in many different professional leagues. We are committed to constantly upgrading our training levels and gaining new experiences from travelling to different countries and working with various coaches from around the world.

The goalkeeping position is the most demanding position in soccer. It requires the keeper to excel in countless situations and be not only physically fit, but mentally fit as well. The key to being a successful goalkeeper at any level is the ability to play consistently. Our course has been proven to provide the keeper with insights into technique while focusing on improving their strengths and reducing their weaknesses. We instil a work ethic capable of taking them to the next level of Soccer because we as coaches and former pro players have already been there , so we are able to guide our keepers through the rocky times in their careers and get them back to the good times . To do this requires EXPERIENCE and that is something that you cant learn at a weekend course , that is why I only hire coaches who have played professionally and they are then coached by myself as to how we do things at J4K.

I hope to be doing this job till my legs give in on me as this is the happiest time of my life for me and my family , I would like to recognize my partner Ray Newland in England because without his sacrifices all us J4K coaches worlwide would not be doing what we love so much.

Here’s to the next 10 years of creating Top Class Goalkeepers …


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